Review of the Specialty Surgery Center

Originally posted on the Yelp! website.

As I entered through the front door, I was immediately greeted with a warm smile. After a quick and easy check-in I took a seat in the lobby. The furniture and art was upscale yet comfortable. The decor was kind of retro looking with soothing colors. Then a nurse came to get me and with a smile and friendly chit chat took me to a pre-op room. It was more like a typical examination room (no tv, no bed) and I sat in a recliner while BP and temp were taken, then hooked up to IV.

The nurse warned me that the antibiotic in the IV could cause “redneck rash” and if it does, pull the cord for assistance and they will give me Benedryl. Well 10 minutes later my scalp was suddenly crawling with biting fire ants, or so it seemed. I pulled the cord and continued to frantically scratch my scalp off with my french manicure.

A male nurse happened by the room and saw the light on. He stuck his head in and said “you need Benedryl, don’t you?” YES, I yelled (not really yelled, more of a beg.) He came back quickly, slowed the IV and added Benedryl. Ahhh, immediate relief, except the raised rash on my forehead remained.

Then another very nice nurse took me to OR. When I woke up I had yet another super nice nurse who never left my side in recovery and gave me ice chips each time I asked. Then yet another super cute and nice nurse did the checkout procedure with me and wheeled me out to my awaiting car.

Since pretty much all surgical centers are probably clean, professional and competent, I feel that writing about the PEOPLE and how I was treated was more important to review. So for that, I give this place FIVE STARS!

Painful Knee Injury is No Fun

Knee BruisingThis last October I was playing flag football (of all things) and blew out my knee when I tripped and fell funny on the turf. Of course everyone laughed… I mean what kind of star quarterback trips themselves and has a season ending injury on the first play of the first game?

Apparently I do!

I wasn’t sure what had happened initially, but upon further investigation it was found that I had only minor contusions to the tissues around the joint (luckily). It sure was ugly though, as it was all swollen, purple, yellow and green around the back side of the knee and down my calf.

Had I needed surgery, I would have had to choose some sort of orthopedic specialist, but luckily I didn’t need to do so.

It was very painful. I could barely walk for several days right after the fall. I can only imagine what knee surgery would feel like. I would definitely want some sort of pain medication. More in on managing knee surgery pain with medications can be found at the AAOS website.

Neurosurgery Options in Portland, Oregon

Brain SurgerySufferers of Parkinson’s Disease may be looking for neurosurgery options and luckily for you, there are several choices in the Portland Metro area.  To get the most out of your search for a reputable neurosurgeon in Portland, Oregon, you should definitely explore all your options.

Parkinson’s disease symptoms and signs may vary from person to person. Early signs may be mild and may go unnoticed. Symptoms often begin on one side of your body and usually remain worse on that side, even after symptoms begin to affect both sides.

For more information about the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease click here or watch the video below.